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Political Research: Methods and Practical Skills (2nd edn)  

Sandra Halperin and Oliver Heath
Published in Print:15 December 2016 Published Online:September 2017
Publisher:Oxford University Press


Political Research: Methods and Practical Skills provides a practical and relevant guide to their to this area of studies. It equips readers with the knowledge and skills needed to evaluate research findings and successfully carry out independent study and research. Taking a helpful step-by-step approach, the chapters guide the reader through the process of asking and answering research questions and the different methods used in political research, providing practical advice on how to be critical and rigorous in both evaluating and conducting research. Topics include research design, surveys, interviewing and focus groups, ethnography and participant observation, textual analysis, quantitative analysis, bivariate analysis, and multivariate analysis. With an emphasis throughout on how research can impact important political questions and policy issues, the book equips readers with the skills to formulate significant questions and develop meaningful and persuasive answers.