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Robert G. Patman

with widespread reports of killing, raping, and the burning of villages. Within a year, US Secretary of State Colin Powell went to Sudan to investigate the situation and declared upon his return that genocide had indeed occurred in Darfur. But as a contracting party to the Geneva Conventions, the US largely confined its actions to demanding a full UN investigation into Darfur and providing diplomatic and financial support for the African Union (AU) to facilitate a negotiated settlement to the conflict ( Lawson 2007 : 5). In contrast, the Obama administration appeared


Daniel Deudney and Jeffrey W. Meiser

extreme human rights abuses, such as the genocide occurring in the Darfur region of Sudan. Various American Christian groups have also become increasingly active and influential in supporting the United States’ pro-Israel policy in the Middle East, and their theme of ‘crusades’ has become another volatile element in the current war on terrorism against violent Islamic fundamentalism. Race The inheritance from Europe with which the United States was born was not purely liberal, but also included a radically illiberal system of African slavery, whose presence and