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Political Theory and Political Philosophy 

Facilitating a rounded and complete study of both theory and philosophy, the Political Theory and Political Philosophy collection provides a stimulating introduction to the diverse contributions of key political thinkers and concepts, offering access to a wide range of perspectives. The collection facilitates critical engagement with contemporary issues using real-world case studies to examine and contest links between ideology, theory, and action.

The Political Theory and Political Philosophy collection is available for students and institutions to buy for £29.99 for 6 months access, or £44.99 for 12 months access.

Chapter collection

Chapter 6. Justice for Everyone, Everywhere?

from An Introduction to Political Philosophy (4th edn) by Jonathan Wolff

"This chapter examines some issues that have come to greater attention in more recent decades, with particular emphasis on what it calls ‘oversights’ of justice. It also explores questions of global justice, including immigration, and global inequalities of wealth, along with justice to future generations, especially in relation to climate change. These discussions reflect areas of great contemporary concern, both in political philosophy and in real life."

Chapter 14. The Environment

Simon Caney, from Issues in Political Theory (4th edn) by Catriona McKinnon, Robert Jubb, and Patrick Tomlin

"The environment includes the earth's crust, soil, and natural resources; the atmosphere; all the earth's water; and the biosphere. Human activity has a profound impact on the environment. Indeed, many of the activities that humans engage in — activities which often serve important human interests and goals — result in environmental degradation. Persons depend on the environment in many ways: for their food, health, and for many of their goals in life. As such, humans face a problem when people impact on the environment to such an extent that it undercuts people's capacity to enjoy the standard of living to which they are entitled. Thus, a just account of the environment will take into account both the fact that people have legitimate interests which involve using the environment and the fact that there must be limits on people's environmental impacts."

Chapter 1. Introduction

from Rethinking Political Thinkers (1st edn) edited by Manjeet Ramgotra and Simon Choat

"This introductory chapter provides an overview of the study of political thought. It examines political thought as a specific way of understanding and analysing politics, highlighting some recent debates and developments, including the development of comparative political thought. In doing so, it also reflects on the meaning of ‘politics’ itself."

Chapter 4. Mary Wollstonecraft

Emma Spruce, from Critiquing the Canon: Political Theory (1st edn) edited by Gemma Bird

"In November 2020, a memorial sculpture was unveiled on a small square in North London, UK: the sculpture consists of a silver, lava-like column which rises from a black plinth. The writhing tower is capped by a petite, naked, silver female figure. This public artwork, by Maggi Hambling, was commissioned to commemorate the activism and writing of Mary Wollstonecraft (1759–1797)."