Redeem your access code

One way of gaining access to Politics Trove is through an access code or token which contains a multiple digit number. If this access code or token has been provided to you by your institution, then your access to Politics Trove is governed by your institution's licence with OUP (as well as the Privacy Policy and Legal Notice). 

If you don't have an access code but would like to buy 6 or 12 months access to Politics Trove, please visit the Subscribe page for details on how to do this.

Get started

Before you open the activation page, read through the instructions below so you know what to expect.  Once you have successfully activated your code you will need to navigate back to the Politics Trove homepage:

1. Have your access code to hand and open the activation page

2. Register for an account, or sign in if you already have one

3. Once signed in click on "activate purchases and trials" from the menu

4. Follow the prompts, enter your code, read the Ts and Cs and "activate"

5. As you now have an Oxford Academic account your content will be shown under your ‘My Subscriptions’ tab

6. However, to access your content you will need to navigate back to the Politics Trove homepage, where you can begin discovering


You will not need your activation code once your account has been set up. On subsequent log-ins you will just need your username and password which you enter on the left hand side of the Politics Trove homepage.

Your access code can only be redeemed once and is not transferable.

You must activate your access code before 30 June 2023. Access will last for 12 months from activation.  

Navigate to the Politics Trove homepage, jump into the content by using the subject menu. To see the titles you have access to select the “available” option in the availability section of the left hand menu.  Access lasts for 12 months and the content your code entitles you to will remain the same for that period.

Troubleshooting tips

My access code doesn’t work. What do I do?

If you’ve entered your code correctly, and it doesn’t work, please email It would help us if you include the name of your institution, how you were given your code, and the access number in your email.

I’ve set up my access but my login doesn’t work.

Please email us at, including as much information as possible about your situation.

I've had my access code for a while but haven't redeemed it yet, is there a time limit?

Yes, you must activate your code before 30 June each year, after that it will expire.

I'm getting an error message telling me "The simultaneous user limit associated with your subscription has been exceeded" what do I do?

All users have a single concurrency (i.e there can't be more than one person using the same login to access Politics Trove) so if you've failed to log out correctly, or if your browser closes unexpectedly, or if you try to open a further session within a different browser, the system thinks you are still logged in and you'll be denied access. This can generally be avoided by:

  • Always logging out at the end of the session
  • Always log out when you've used a shared computer
  • Only using one browser to access the site
  • Waiting approximately 25-30 minutes for the session to ‘expire’
  • Clearing saved cookies and cache from your browser

If you are still experiencing login problems please email, with as much information as possible.

Additional help can be found on our FAQ pages