These resources will provide you with advice and tips to help you get the most from your subscription to Politics Trove. 

Key resources

User guides: PDF documents for students, lecturers, and librarians.

Video walkthroughs: explanations of key functionality.

FAQs: frequently asked questions about using Politics Trove.

Subscribe: more information on subscribing to Politics Trove.

Contact Us: how to contact Oxford University Press directly regarding your access.

For technical support, access issues and troubleshooting you can contact our customer support team by email or telephone: 01865 353705


I’m having problems redeeming my access token.    

  • Check that you have entered the code correctly.
  • Access codes can only redeemed once, and cannot be shared.
  • Email with details of the issue you are experiencing – please include the name of your institution, how you were given your code, and the access code in your email.
  • Visit the access code page for more advice.

I registered and now can’t sign into my account.    

  • Check you entered your username and password correctly – they are case sensitive.
  • If you have forgotten your password, click on the 'Forgotten your password?' link under the sign in box to get an automated reminder.
  • Make sure you entered your details in the sign in box rather than the personal profile box.
  • Clear your cache.
  • Are you logged in on a different device? You can only have one live log on at a time. Wait half an hour for the system to reset itself before you try again.
  • Email with details of the issue – include the name of your institution, whether you bought access or were provided with a code, and the log on details you can remember.

I’m having trouble accessing the website.    

  • Check that you are connected to the internet.
  • See a list of recommended browsers and settings, the technical section of the FAQ page.

A title I want to access has a red padlock icon next to it.    

  • The red padlock icon indicates that a title is not available under your subscription.
  • If you think you should have access, check the Sign In box to see if you are logged in.
  • If you would like access to a title, find out about purchasing a collection online.

How do I see all the titles in my subject collection?    

  • Select 'Browse All' from the subject dropdown on the homepage, then select the green unlocked padlock under ‘Availability’ and click 'Update'. This remains “sticky” for the duration of your session.

No results were returned when I selected a subject.    

  • Make sure the markers under ‘Availability’ are not checked.  If you do not have access to content in a particular subject, nothing will be displayed if only 'Restricted' is selected.

I can’t save a new annotation on my smartphone.    

  • New annotations cannot be saved on a smartphone. You can still edit and view existing annotations.

If you've encountered a problem and found a solution, or just want to share some advice please let us know so we can add it to the troubleshooting above, or our help pages.