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The Politics of the Earth: Environmental Discourses (3rd edn)  

John S. DryzekProfessor of Political Science and Australian Research Council Federation Fellow, Australian National UniversityClose
Published in Print:13 December 2012 Published Online:September 2017
Publisher:Oxford University Press


The Politics of the Earth provides an introduction to thinking about the environment, through investigation of related political discourses. The text analyses the various approaches which have dominated environmental issues over the last three decades and which are likely to be influential in the future, including survivalism, environmental problem solving, sustainability, and green radicalism. This new edition includes more on global environmental politics, as well as updated and expanded examples including more material on China. The text looks at the most modern discourses, including discussions surrounding climate change, and reworks the material on justice and green radicalism to include more on climate justice and new developments such as transition towns and radical summits.