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Global Politics: Myths and Mysteries (1st edn)  

Aggie HirstReader in International Relations Theory and Methods, King's College LondonClose
Diego de MerichSenior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations, Queen Mary University of LondonClose
Joe HooverSenior Lecturer in Political Theory, Queen Mary University of LondonClose
, and
Roberto RoccuSenior Lecturer in International Political Economy, King's College LondonClose
Published in Print:16 January 2023 Published Online:August 2023
Publisher:Oxford University Press


Global Politics: Myths and Mysteries provides an introduction to key concepts in international relations, aiming to expose the myths of the discipline. The text starts off with an introduction to the topic asking the question: what exactly is myth-making? The chapters then look at key concepts in turn, starting with politics and power. They move on to examine ethics, violence, and law. Next the text analyses the world of finance with a chapter on money. Empire is the subject of the chapter that follows. The last two chapters cover capitalism and state. Finally, the text concludes and considers the notion of change as it relates to global politics.

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