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Politics in the European Union (5th edn)  

Simon BulmerProfessor of Politics, University of SheffieldClose
Owen ParkerLecturer in European Politics, University of SheffieldClose
Ian BacheProfessor of Politics, University of SheffieldClose
Stephen GeorgeEmeritus Professor of Politics, University of SheffieldClose
, and
Charlotte BurnsProfessorial Fellow, University of SheffieldClose
Published in Print:14 August 2020 Published Online:August 2020
Publisher:Oxford University Press


Politics in the European Union examines the theory, history, institutions, and policies of the European Union (EU). The EU is a unique, complex, and ever-changing political entity, which continues to shape both international politics and the politics of its individual member states. The text provides a clear analysis of the organization and presents a well-rounded introduction to the subject. Complete and detailed in its coverage, including coverage of the eurozone, refugee crises, and Brexit, along with the latest theoretical developments, the text provides a comprehensive assessment of EU politics and policy at the start of the 2020s. The book is divided into four parts: Part One provides the student with a strong foundation in political theory and analysis; Part Two charts European integration from 1995 through to the 2010s; Part Three addresses the distinctive character of the EU institutions; and in Part Four, key EU policy areas, both internal and external, are covered.


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