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Introducing Political Philosophy: A Policy-Driven Approach (1st edn)  

Andrew WaltonNewcastle University, Senior Lecturer in Political PhilosophyClose
William AbelSenior Economist, Bank of EnglandClose
Elizabeth KahnAssistant Professor in Political Theory, Durham UniversityClose
, and
Tom ParrAssociate Professor in Political Theory, University of WarwickClose
Published in Print:18 February 2021 Published Online:August 2021
Publisher:Oxford University Press


Should the state permit euthanasia? Should it prohibit recreational drug use? Should it ban hate speech? Should it grant members of minority groups exemptions from otherwise universal laws? When, if ever, should it intervene in the affairs of other states to prevent human rights abuses? All of these questions have been prominent in political debate over the last fifty years, and there remains plenty of dispute about them at the start of the 2020s. Political arguments about public policy are an apt subject of philosophical analysis—or, in other words, they present a prime opportunity to do some political philosophy. This book provides an introduction to political philosophy by theorizing about public policy. Each of the chapters draws on the tools of political philosophy to explore a distinct area of public policy. Each case identifies some of the moral threads that run through the public policy debate; explains the philosophical positions taken by the various sides; introduces the academic literature that supports these positions; and examines the strengths and weaknesses of the competing views.