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We run regular webinars throughout term time to help students, librarians and academics get the most out of Politics Trove. They typically last 30 minutes, and times are shown in GMT.

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Why Oxford Politics Trove?

Oxford Politics Trove encourages you to read widely, think critically, and come to your own conclusions. Our powerful search facility means you can delve into topics more deeply, navigate more easily, and connect with additional resources in your own institution’s library collection.

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Explore the 2023 collections

Oxford Politics Trove contains over 50 politics and international relations textbooks across core and optional modules. Details about the 2023 collections, including how to purchase, can be found hereContact your local campus representative to find out more.

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For students

Make sure you've set up your personal profile to make the most of your Oxford Politics Trove access. Take a look at our walk-through video guides to find out how.

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For lecturers

Oxford University Press provides a range of resources to help you effectively embed Oxford Politics Trove into your teaching. Contact your local publisher representative to find out more.